Selections from a fourth grader’s journal

What I want my teacher to know about me
I enjoy doing magic shows and pupet shows. I make lots of home videos. I’m also a ventrilaqest (well actually I use my dummy for stunts in my movies). When I growup I’d like to be a few things, a Magician an actor, a teacher, and maybe a stuntman.

Teacher’s comment, in purple gel ink: Donald, I hope you will use your many talents for future book presentations!

I am Donald Whalen. I am shorter than most of the boys in my class, and taller than most of the girls in my class. Many people think I’m from a diffrent planet. Their right. I’m from the planet Bearth. Whoaaa! Did I say Bearth? I meant Earth, the most diffrent planet in the soler system.

I think I will write about an invention I’ve been thinking about.

Problem: When people don’t know a road or are sleepy They usually miss their turns.

Teacher’s comment: Yes- and then what?

I get lonely lots of times. Only my mom and I understand the feeling. What’s weird about it is I can be in a crowded room, and have no reason to get the feeling or in an empty room. It kind of feels like a nerve snapping. You feel that sudden jolt, then every thing seems far away from you.

I did feel realy lonly when we got back from church on Easter and my cousins had already left.

The conclusion of a fourth grader’s research paper:
“Sea turtles have come and evolved from the huge creature that they were to the middleing creature that tehy are. Who knows what they’ll look like in the many centurys to come. We may never know if we don’t start protecting, and saving them.”